Monday, March 7, 2011

Praising Him through the tough times

7th March 2011

Praising Him through the tough times
S Why am I discouraged?
      Why is my heart so sad?
   I will put my hope in God!
      I will praise him again—
      my Saviour and my God!
-Psalm 43:5

O The psalmist asks why is he so discouraged and sad but he doesn't seem to find an answer. Even though he has no answer he chooses to put his hope in God. He chooses to praise God even though his heart is sad.

A When I am sad and discouraged I find it hard to see past my own problems and I forget about God. I need to remember that God is always there for me. And that even in my worst times I should praise God.

P Heavenly Father, often times I am so sad and discouraged and I don't know why. Help me to praise you always LORD through good and bad time. In Jesus' name amen

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